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007 Essentials: The Brands That Daniel Craig’s James Bond Wears


In conversations about style on screen, one name always comes up more than any other: James Bond. The fictional intelligence officer is famed for his flawless evening gown, effortless casual wear, and ruffled bathing suits. His name is synonymous with black ties, fine watches, and general goodness, and his status as a style icon is stitched into the very fabric of men's fashion.

Every lover of masculine style has their favorite Bond era, from Roger Moore's edgy version of 007 to classic Connery tailoring. But, for us, it's bondholder Daniel Craig's wardrobe that really stands out. It is both refined and relaxed, timeless and modern, and is home to some of the most respected designers in menswear.

But what are these names? Here, we dive into Daniel Craig's Bond wardrobe and reveal his favorite tags. From the modern tailoring offered by Tom Ford to formal shoes by Crockett & Jones, these are today's 007 favorite brands.

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Tom ford

If there is one label that will be considered the one that defined this era of Bond, it is Tom Ford. The American designer's sleek, modern suits have become a Craig's Bond trademark, plus everything from sunglasses to casual wear.

No Time To Decease will be the fourth film in a row in which 007 is dressed by Tom Ford, the famous designer who works closely with the film's costume designer to create bespoke clothing for the man himself.

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Danner's boots have only appeared at Bond's feet once so far, but they are expected to make another appearance in No Time to Die. Craig wore the Oregonian Mountain Light II brand hiking boots in Austrian Alps scenes in SPECTER and dons a pair of black Danner tactical boots in the upcoming movie.

Danner has been making about of the best hiking, work, and military boots in the game for just under 100 years, making them an obvious choice for 007.

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Bond wears outerwear from British country clothing brand Barbour in two of Daniel Craig's films. At Skyfall, this takes the form of a Beacon Heritage sports jacket from the Barbour To Ki To line, created by Japanese designer Tokihito Yoshida. Bond can be seen in the jacket while he films some Scottish scenes.

In No Time To Die, he dresses the Graham jacket in navy blue waxed cotton from a collaboration between the Newcastle-based brand and Engineered Garments.

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Orlebar Brown


Craig-era Bond is well known for his tight-fitting swimsuits. Her Orlebar Brown board shorts may not be her most iconic pair (this title is reserved for the famous side-striped La Perla that will stick in the minds of anyone who has witnessed them for the rest of the time), but they are our favorites. personal.

The exact typical is the Orlebar Brown Setter and they can be seen in Bond in the hotel pool scene in Skyfall.

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British brand Sunspel is Bond's choice for essentials. Whether it's a simple T-shirt, polo shirt, or long-sleeved shirt, if Daniel Craig wears it on the set of a Bond movie, the chances are good.

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Crockett and Jones

Most of Bond's formal shoes are made by Crockett & Jones, with the exception of the occasional pair from Church at Quantum of Solace. When it derives to smart footwear, Bond has always favored his classic Northamptonshire brands and Daniel Craig has kept this tradition alive.

No Time To Die will be no unlike either, as the brand has provided a number of styles for Bond to wear on screen, including the Highbury Derby shoe, which was already featured in Skyfall.

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N. Peal

John Smedley has always been Bond's knitwear brand of choice, but Craig’s Bond has more of a soft spot for N. Peal. Pieces from the British cashmere brand are seen in most of his films, although he briefly wears a V-neck from Smedley in Skyfall.

The brand can be seen in Bond films dating back to From Russia With Love, but Craig’s Bond uses it almost exclusively when it comes to weaving.

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From briefcases to weekend bags, if it's gear and Daniel Craig's James Bond carries it, it's probably Globe-Trotter. The English variety has been going strong since the 19th century and recently outfitted Bond with a selection of hard luggage for the upcoming movie No Time To Die.

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