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Beach To Bar: The Stylish Man’s Guide To Swim Shorts


Whether it's on the sands of Anse Source d'Argent Beach in the Seychelles, in a private cabana in Las Vegas, or sunbathing at your local lido, the right boardshort is important. Techcrunchpro    

An often overlooked part of the modern gentleman's wardrobe, our handy guide covers everything from their looks and key buying considerations to the latest trends in men's swimwear and the brands that produce the best swim shorts in the world. current market. It's time to take the plunge. thepinkcharm 

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Buying Considerations

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When it comes to shoes, expression no further than tailored shorts. Slender cut and ending a few inches above the knee, widely known as 'medium length', they give off a vintage Jet Set aesthetic that looks more like the South of France than a baggy surfer. As with jeans, swim shorts should fit snugly - not too loose, not too tight. Avoid lean cuts at all costs - These days you may find yourself in swim shorts all day, often in 30 ° C + heat, so comfort is paramount. themarketinginfo  

Of course, your height and weight will influence the fit. If you're taller, go for a slightly longer length. If you're shorter, a style that ends higher up the leg will help balance your proportions and give the illusion of longer legs. worldmarketingtips

Sleek, athletic figures should go for something clean, and conversely, if you're carrying a few extra pounds, go for classic or flattering straight shorts.

Attention to detail

Orlebar Brown swimsuits feature quality metal hardware

The detail is what separates the cheap swim shorts from the premium versions. Look for designs with high quality metallic hardware over plastic accents and chrome grommets suitable for lacing outs.


A concealed zip and button conclusion can be sought out if you want a sleeker, more streamlined silhouette, and most bespoke versions also feature adjustable side straps for a custom fit around the waist.

Color and pattern technologybeam

Orlebar Mens Dante Klein Faded Palms Medium Length Brown Swim Shorts

Orlebar Brown

Bulk colors and earthy neutrals are solid and safe options. It's important to remember that you will wear your swim shorts separately when swimming or around the pool, but you will likely wear them with a linen shirt or t-shirt at the resort bar afterwards. Therefore, they must adapt to both scenarios.

Basically, consider your skin tone; Darker or tan torsos work best with shades of bright colors (think yellow, light blue, green, red, or other pastel). On the flip side, if you're still working on your tan, go for richer shades of burgundy and burnt orange, or classic dark neutrals like black or navy.

Then perhaps the most important decision comes: to print or not to print? Geometric prints, big polka dots, wide stripes, tie-dye and photographic prints are the big trends in the industry today. Vilebrequin, in particular, stands out here by offering a series of drawings featuring new fruits and animals from the sea or the land. If you choose to go this route, make sure any statement printing is offset by a solid color t-shirt or shirt; choosing a base color for your shorts often works well.

For persons not willing to take the risk, timeless polka dots or Breton stripes offer the perfect combination of versatility and visual interest.


Vilebrequin men's swim shorts


There are two main types of tailored swimwear styles: sporty and elegant. Sportier shorts are often made of mesh-lined nylon or polyester, while beach-to-bar swim shorts are usually made of cotton or linen, or a blend of the two.

Perhaps the best option is a hybrid, something like a cotton / polyester blend. Your main concern here is to make sure they dry quickly for comfort and convenience.

Summer swimwear trends



From dark and brooding to bold and vibrant, floral prints are everywhere in swimwear this year and, when done tastefully, can be a great way to boost your poolside look. Our advice would be to go for subtle tonal varieties rather than headache-causing neon lights with coarse base colors.