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Functional Fashion: Stylish Ways To Wear A Flannel Shirt

There are few gorgeous pieces that appeal to both stylish hipsters and Alaskan lumberjacks, but the flannel shirt is one of them. Warm, hardwearing, durable and timeless, it's a must-have for winter layers and for getting through transition times in style.  fashionbeautypalace

But how do you use it? Fortunately, the classic style of the flannel shirt makes it very versatile, allowing it to easily combine with a wide range of styles. Still, having a insufficient tips and tricks up your sleeve can help make sure you get it right every time.  techgeeksblogger

That's why we've rounded up a few foolproof styles, along with some proven tips for incorporating this functional fabric into your everyday wardrobe.  triotechdigital

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Tips for wearing flannel shirts

Embrace the texture

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Once you've graduated in Fundamentals of Clothing, using texture to your advantage is lesson number one in the master's course. computertechreviews

A flannel shirt is a great place to start. It offers an accessible way to experiment with textures and patterns for less daring locker rooms, and a low-key way for those who prefer to keep their style low-key.  gethealthandbeauty

For the full effect, pair a flannel shirt with other tactile clothing. Consider drawstring pants, maybe a woolen overshirt and suede shoes. Use these feels in harmony to create depth and watch simple outfits improve before your eyes.

Stay classic

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The flannel shirt is a typical attire, so it makes sense to wear it as such. For sure, stick to traditional casual basics like raw denim jeans, leather or suede boots, classic outerwear, and simple knits.

That's not to say that you can't experiment with tailoring or sportswear to some extent. A simple flannel with a tailored jacket can look great, as can stylish joggers and a pair of leather sneakers. However, if you want to take the guesswork out of the equation and have ready-made outfits that you know will look great, stick with this foolproof formula for the best results. healthandbeautytimes


The main selling point of the flannel shirt is its versatility. Much of this comes from the fact that it can be used as a midcoat and topcoat. This means that a blarney shirt is an option for all seasons.

For spring and summer, wear an open flannel shirt over a plain t-shirt. During fall and winter, try swapping out your shirt for a slim turtleneck. Avoid large logos or prints if the shirt has a plaid pattern because you don't want someone else fighting for attention. Put on the cuffs / roll up the sleeves too, just to make it windier.  themarketingguardian

Learn to layer

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What is a flannel shirt if it isn't the perfect layering garment? We've talked about how it can be worn as a lightweight overshirt in the warmer months before, but that also makes it great for bundling up when the mercury hits.


The right flannel can add extra depth and texture with layered fall and winter looks. Try wearing one over a T-shirt, then throw chunky knitwear, a cardigan and a parka over them for maximum protection from the cold. imtechies

4 ways to wear a flannel shirt

Everyday heroes

When the weekend arrives, it's good to have outfits you can fall back on without thinking too much. Take the annoyance out of preparing for your days off, freeing up more of that precious downtime. This is one of those sets.

A plaid flannel shirt is at home with casual leggings like jeans and chinos, or textured wool pants for a little more classy take. When it comes to shoes, look for classic and casual boots, styles like chelseas, derbies and chukkas in suede or leather, and make sure the color of the upper complements or creates a nice contrast to the others. rooms. techiesguardian

Put it to work

Essentially, the flannel shirt is a staple in work wear. Why not hug its roots and wear it the way it was always meant to be used? healthsunlimited

Classic flannel shirts are chunky, heavy, and designed to withstand blows. Buy something along these lines for maximum authenticity. You can even look for one with a traditional quilted lining or buy it from a clothing brand.