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T-Shirt Design Trends for 2021


The t-shirt design trends of 2021 represent a wide range of artistic and creative skills that have helped support individuals, communities and social movements around the world. While it's easy to say "these are just t-shirts", these t-shirts provided a creative outlet for people to express themselves freely and confidently. Regardless, we've seen our community create a powerful collection of t-shirt designs that have reminded us that even something as simple as a cotton t-shirt can inspire change in the world technologyify.

Take a look at our 17 new t-shirt design trends for 2021 below to see how you can achieve the look of your next t-shirt design.

1. Book designs

Books bring our community together in more ways than we think. Popularized by independent bookstores across the country, this design trend alone has helped support these companies at the height of COVID-19 closures to ensure they can stay open in new formats, pay employees, and continue. serving their communities worldbeautytips.

Book designs are our top t-shirt design trend in 2021.

Design created by Kew and Willow Books

Get the Look - Whether the books are the main theme of your design or you use them as part of the structure, they can add great context to your t-shirt. It's also a inordinate way to subtly add text to your design technologyford.

2. Strong statements

Sometimes your shirt just needs to say what it has to say, boldly and clearly. In a year where we must keep our distance and limit conversations in person, being able to stand up for something without saying a word has led to an increase in these bold design options. This popular design trend is especially effective if your clothing supports a cause, political campaign, or social movement techiesin.

Shirts that make a bold statement are a trend in t-shirt design in 2021.

Design created by Allison Valiquette

Get the Style - Find the perfect word or phrase that communicates what you hope to share with your community and the world. Keep your shirt minimal and simple by writing your text in a bold, easy-to-read font, or have fun with bright colors and handwritten lettering technologyies.

3. Multicolored words

Add a touch of energy to any text-based design by making the letters a variety of colors. The color scheme you choose for the lettering will set the mood for the shirt. Keep it simple with a few colors on your palette, or go all out and make each letter a different color!

Multicolored word t-shirts are a trend in t-shirt design in 2021.

Design created by Alyssa Gonzalez

Get the Look - Start by creating your text-based design. You probably want to use a bold font to make it easier to read after applying the different colors. Then select a handful of colors to use as the color palette for this design. (Remember, when screen printing shirts, you should stick to 8 colors or less.) You probably want to think about the feel of the design, your brand, and your target audience when choosing colors.

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4. Tarot greetings card

One of our favorite design drifts this year is the use of tarot cards on t-shirts, with the artist's personal touch in this iconic design motif. With their unique imagery, symbolism, and aesthetics, tarot cards offer a wide range of elements to draw from. This design style is a great track for those looking for a symbolic visual representation of their message.

Tarot cards are a trend in t-shirt design in 2021.

Design created by Pink Sheep Strategy and photo by Three Fates Crochet

Take a look: Tarot cards come in a set of 78 cards, each card with its own unique symbolism and imagery. Find a card that best represents the style and message you are looking for. Apply your message to the design that best represents what you want to say.

5. Handwritten typography

Give your design a distinctive tone with your own hand-drawn fonts. Hand-drawn letter shapes can have different moods, so they can be original, retro, bold, or delicate. The flexibility and individuality you have when creating your own letters e