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Winter Jacket Styles Every Stylish Mans Should Own


When you put away winter wardrobes, it's usually techsupportreviews  sturdy outerwear that has the highest priority on most men's shopping lists. After all, the big coat season is called the big coat season for a reason. But while it's important to have a parka or sturdy padding on hand when the mercury crashes, tighter and shorter outerwear styles shouldn't be ignored.

Having a diverse selection of winter jackets is just as important as having a solid rotation of sturdy cold weather coats. Indeed, it is these lighter and more discreet models that are most frequently used thanks to their versatility.

A good winter jacket can be tucked under thicker outerwear or it can be worn separately as a stand-alone piece. This is the type of clothing that will protect you during the colder months and it will come out the other side. However, there are plenty of silhouettes to consider, so we've narrowed them down to the key variations that no man should be without.

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Lightweight puffer jacket

Canada goose

There is only one feathered friend a man needs to bundle up this winter. The aids of lightweight down jackets have long been known to the type of people who push their clothes to the complete limit. But you don't have to be a trouper climber to appreciate one of these insulating wonders on your own. Compact, ultra-light and endlessly versatile, this is the kind of jacket that has you covered, whether you're climbing the Matterhorn or braving the morning hike.

Buying Considerations

When choosing a lightweight puffer jacket, think about the fit first. This type of garment should be cut thin but with enough space underneath for at least two thin layers. That way, it can be worn as an outer layer or thrown under something a little sturdier, if the weather calls for it.

As with any down product, it is important to select the right “fill power”. This shows how much down insulation is packed inside and, therefore, how much body heat it will retain. The higher the sum, the warmer the jacket will be, but it will also make it bulkier. Aim between 550 and 700 to keep it trimmed.

Waterproof technical jacket


There are few precious places on earth where unexpected rains won't be a problem at least a handful of times during the winter months. No one likes to get wet, so it pays to be equipped with a jacket that can deflect the fundamentals.

A mechanical rain jacket uses a combination of groundbreaking fabrics and smart manufacturing techniques to keep you dry as efficiently as possible. A must-have in every man's seasonal outerwear arsenal.

Buying Considerations

The material is the most important factor when choosing a technical raincoat. It should be completely rainproof from the outside while allowing moisture to escape from the inside. Gore-Tex is the obvious choice, given its status as the best performing waterproof fabric, but many labels have their own variations. Haglofs' PROOF factual or Patagonia's H2No, for example.

Again, it needs to be cut but with enough space to allow for layering underneath. Many brands take this into account in size, so be sure to try this on before deciding to buy a size larger. Also look for taped seams, waterproof zippers, and an adjustable hood to keep water out of weak spots.

Thick fleece for hair

crew J

For several seasons now, con has been making its way from the shoulders of aging bird watchers to the Fashion Week catwalks. What was once the contrast of cool is now very much in fashion, and the resulting clothes are good news for your winter wardrobe.

These are not your standard, high-performance, ultra-thin dividers; This breed of fleece takes inspiration from the past rather than the future, with heavy pile fabric and lots of vintage style.

Buying Considerations

Look for retro-inspired styles, but keep the nods subtle. You want to be able to wear this garment season after season without it becoming an object of ridicule. That means a big yes to some tasteful color block or chunky zipper, and a big no to flashy prints and 90s OTT nostalgia.

Also note the cut. This style have a tendency to to be a bit more spacious, so consider downsizing.

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